Interior architects & furniture designers in Paris


At FURN, we create
contemporary custom-made interiors.

Whether it is to make a unique piece of furniture,
to set up a shop, or to arrange offices,
we can accompany you.

From sketch to installation, we take care of every step.
Our work is enriched by a network of craftsmen and manufactures
who share our requirements.

Our vocation :
to cover all aspects of interior design.
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Furniture & objects, unique or in series

We create, on demand, all types of furniture and objects. Tables, chairs, sofas, buffets, lamps ...
both in single piece and in series,
according to your project.

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At your place or in your workplace, we imagine and realize solutions adapted to your space to optimize your interior and adapt it to your needs.
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Interior Architecture

Before furniture and layout, we organize and draw your space, restructuring it if necessary, so that it corresponds to your expectations and your way of life or work.

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Total art, synthesis of furniture,
arrangement and interior architecture,
we draw "the whole".
Our methodology :
three steps to identify, imagine and fulfill your desires
1. Meeting

This first exchange, be it epistolary, on the phone or physical, allows us to discover your project. On the basis of your statements, your desires, sketches or visuals gleaned here and there that you transmit to us, we assess the content of the project and establish a working procedure corresponding to it. In the case of fairly specific projects, we can sometimes estimate the budget to be provided at this stage.

2. Study and creation

We draw one or more creative proposals that we then submit to you in the form of a file including a note of intention, a moodboard, visuals of synthesis and all the necessary technical precisions.
At this stage, we refine the project with you until it satisfies you from an aesthetic, functional and budgetary point of view.
3. Production and delivery

We draw up detailed definitive plans for the work to be planned in order to submit them to you for validation before going into production. We then take care of the manufacturing follow-up, as well as the management of the intermediaries and companies involved, until delivery and installation on site. We are present in workshop, factory and on all our sites.

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Our team
Sébastien Tardif
Co-founder & associate
Erasmus - Konsfack University -2010
Master Design Objet - EnsAD Paris - 2013

In parallel with his activity at FURN, Sébastien develops projects related to innovation through eco-design and has been teaching in the context of the "chaire EC-AD" of the ENSAD.

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